Liam Suckling is an Australian explorer, adventurer and mountaineer. In April 2012 (age 25) he became the first person to summit the 5 highest mountains in the continents of South America and Africa. In May 2016 he successfully completed an objective to summit the 3 highest mountains in the continents of Europe and North America. In January 2017 he piloted the first aerial drone flight from the summit of Antarctica’s highest mountain, Mount Vinson. Liam made the first ascent of Rogers Peak in Antarctica’s Ellsworth Mountains during a 200km unsupported ski-traverse across 9 glaciers. He has climbed throughout the world including ascents across 7 continents.

Liam has travelled in 80 countries, with mountaineering that has included a number of first Australian ascents in Europe, Africa, Antarctica and South America. Liam’s adventuring has included solo overland motorbike expeditions through the Middle East, South America, Central Asia and Africa.

At age 19 Liam founded a variety of businesses in industries spanning entertainment, software development and theatrical production. To date all expeditions have been self-funded. As a playwright and stage director he has explored the performing arts as a valuable communication medium.

With a study background in Neuroscience and Psychology Liam is inspired to share the gifts of awareness and connection that arise from our remarkable planet and the stories of the humans that inhabit it.