North America’s Highest Mountains (Zenith Project 2013-2016)

  1. Denali (Mt McKinley) (6,190m / 20,310ft) | Alaska Range, USA (Summit 21.5.2013)
  2. Mt Logan (East Ridge) (evacuation 3,663m / 12,018ft) | Yukon, Canada (6.6.2014)
    Mt Logan (King’s Trench) (5,959m / 19,551ft) | Yukon, Canada (Summit 25.5.2016)
  3. Pico Orizaba (5,636m / 18,491ft) | Transvolcanic Belt, Mexico (Summit 9.6.2013)

Reaching the three highest mountains of North America spanned three years, from the volcanic tropics of Mexico to the glaciers of Alaska.

Complete with its harsh ruggedness, bold peaks, infamously severe weather and resulting glaciation, the Alaska Range is home to North America’s highest mountain, Denali.

Only a little further east and over the Canadian frontier lay the awe-inspiring Mount Logan. Logan’s truly enormous massif (the largest circumference of any non-volcanic mountain on Earth), could comfortably fit Mont Blanc and Kilimanjaro on the plateau while still leaving room for the Eiger. Via the East Ridge the first attempt of Logan in 2014 was a powerful and unimaginable experience, made all the more so with a helicopter evacuation from the ridge. Reaching the summit of Logan on a second attempt in May 2016 via the Kings Trench completed Liam’s endeavour to climb the three highest mountains in the continent.

Six thousand kilometers south into the tropics lies Mexico’s Transvolcanic Belt and North America’s third highest peak, Pico Orizaba, a pleasant climb to a stunning crater at the summit.