Africa’s Highest Mountains (Zenith Project 2010-2012)

  1. Kilimanjaro (5,895m / 19,341ft) | Tanzania (Summit 26.7.2010)
  2. Mt Kenya (Nelion) (5,188m / 17,021ft) | Kenya (Nelion Summit 19.1.2012)
    Mt Kenya (Batian) (5,199m / 17,077ft) | Kenya (Batian Summit 2.2.2012)
  3. Mt Stanley (5,109m / 16,762ft) | Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda & DR Congo (Summit 26.1.2012)
  4. Mt Speke (4,890m / 16,043ft) | Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda (Summit 25.1.2012)
  5. Mt Baker (4,844m / 15,892ft) | Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda (Summit 27.1.2012)

There are mountains in Africa? Many, and more than just Kilimanjaro. Liam’s dream to climb the 5 highest mountains in Africa was realised in February 2012 on his second attempt for the true summit of Mt Kenya.

The journey to the receding glaciers of Africa’s thin air met Mt Kenya’s beautifully imposing spires, cliffs, intricate ridges and peaks. Liam’s first attempt of Mt Kenya reached 11 metres short of the summit, with impassable conditions for traversing the “Gates of Mist” gap bridging the extinct volcano’s summits. Returning later to more favourable conditions, the ominous Batian summit was reached.

Over on the Uganda-Congo border, the equatorial Rwenzori Mountains cradle Africa’s 3rd, 4th and 5th highest mountains. With colourful mosses, huge tree-heathers, fields of bamboo, rich montane forest, giant lobelias and “everlasting flowers” vividly draped across the mountainside, the fabled “Mountains of the Moon” were an enchanting adventure.