About the Journey

The 1SKY.earth Expedition is a 6 year journey around the planet from Antarctica to Mount Everest being undertaken by adventurer Liam Suckling.

The 100,000-mile journey will cross 77 countries over the 7 continents. The purpose of this journey is to ignite the spirit of wonder, using adventure and exploration to challenge boundaries of our self-concept, and remember our belonging to the natural world.

The expedition began in the mountains of Antarctica’s Sentinel Range, successfully reaching the summit of Antarctica’s highest mountain (Mt Vinson 4,892m), and completing a 200km unsupported ski traverse through Antarctica’s remote unclimbed peaks. During the traverse the expedition achieved the first ascent of Antarctica’s Rogers Peak, reaching summit on January 17th, 2017.

The expedition will then complete the longest motorcycle circumnavigation of Earth, from South America’s southernmost city (Ushuaia) to Sagar Island in the Ganges delta, India. The expedition will attempt to summit the highest mountain in each country on the route.

The expedition climaxes and concludes with one of the first climbs of Mt Everest to be completed on foot continuously from sea-level, a 5-month journey commencing from Sagar Island in the Bay of Bengal and concluding at the summit of Everest.

Having previously climbed the highest mountains in Europe, South America, North America, Africa and Oceania (2008-2016), this project will also mark completion of Liam’s ascent of the highest summits in all 7 continents.

The expedition is as much a geographical journey as it is a journey through culture and humankind. The perspective offered to us through an adventure, exploration and the beauty of the natural world, allows the re-ignition of wonder, a state from which we may transform, and resolve deeper questions.

Planned Route

Climbing in Antarctica (January 2017)
Ushuaia - The Ride Begins (April 2017)
Crossing into North America (January 2019)
Crossing from North America to Asia (April 2019)
Crossing into Europe (July 2019)
Crossing into West Africa (September 2019)
Across the South Atlantic (April 2020)
Australia to Southeast Asia (October 2020)
Sagar Island - The Walk to Everest from Sea Level Begins (December 2020)
Mt Everest - The Journey Completes (May 2021)